South of France Spirit
South of France Spirit wines


Wine : Black ToroThis range brings you the best of our terroirs and reflects our love for the lifestyle and culture that make Southern France unique and the perfect destination.

Fine food, a laid-back ambiance, sun and a sense of fiesta are the ingredients which blend to make up life here.

South of France vineyard
Our wines come from a strict selection of vines in this wine making area, bringing you wines that are truthful, full bodied but refined. They reflect both the principal varietal but also the richly varied terroirs on which they're grown.

Our Wines: Black Toro (red) - Flamour (rosé) - White Stallion (white)

The three animals that personify our wines are all typical of our region. They still live in the wild in this protected area of Petite Camargue, from around which our wines come.

Just take a sip and enjoy the Spirit of Southern France !

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